Biographical Information
Occupation: Ciste Vihad
Race' Human
Age: Unknown

Mother- Deceased


Lance Veiled Scarecrow

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Dark brown
Character Information
First appearance: Chapter 5

Belma is a Ciste Vihad and a supporting protagonist in March Story.



As a child he and his mother were outcasted for being theives, his mother having lost her hand when caught in a theft. He hated the way they were treated but his mother never wanted him steal to live, wanting a better life for her son. He got so upset one day after having to return some bread he ran away and into town. He saw what seemed to be a butcher and followed him to the backroom of the shop. He got the idea to steal some meat but soon realized the meat were female remains and the heads on the table caused him to scream. He man appeared and gave chase to young Belma. He ran all the way home but the butcher followed him and attacked his mother. Out of anger he took the butcher's giant blade and cut him completely in half, but his mother was already dead from her wound, leaning against the veiled scarecrow.



Veiled Scarecrow - His main weapon and constant companion. It has the power to cast illusions and trap Ill in the illusions whenever it opens its eyes. It has the appearance of a female scarecrow with fake locks of hair, a straw hat and sewn shut eyes and mouth and female garments. After his first meeting with March he doesn't use Scarecrow as much, possibly since March was so angry and disgusted by it's powers and his feelings for her. After his backstory is shown to March it is revealed that the Scarecrow is possibly possessed by an Ill created from his mother's soul after she was killed, still having the will to protect her son no matter what.


Dual Bladed Lance-


  • In his debut Belma had cross earrings but after his first appearance he didn't wear them again
  • He is a smoker
  • Belma and Rodin are similar in some ways:
    • They both own their own business
    • They both care for March