Orche the Masked is the second chapter of March Story.


It begins with a couple dancing in the moonlit sky. The man releases the woman and bares farewell to her. Below on the ground it shows she has been impaled.

A boat is coming through a dark  tunnel and the driver wakes up March, telling him to put a mask on before they come to the exit. According to him they can't go around town without one and March wonders why when he sees all the townspeople are masked as well. He then sees the body of the woman from earlier and the driver explain she was killed by Orche the Masked. The driver stops the boat and after warning March he is met by Zen, the mask maker who called March to Longbell. Zen then knocks March unconscious and he wakes up again at Zen's workshop. She apologizes but she wanted to make sure he was who he said he was. Zen explains she knew of Ill from her father, but never believed him until Orche became the victim of one. She says it all started 3 months ago:

Zen and Orche meet on a hillside next to a tree where Orche is escited to show their masks to each other to see who is better. He reveals his, calling it the King Crab the Gentleman of the Sea, and Zen is obviously impressed and lost in his happiness. She snaps out of it and reveals hers hangin in a tree but it's beauty is so captivating it sends Orche's mood down. He expresses how he will never be as talented as her and excuses himself but Zen goes after him and smashes the King Crab by stepping on it by accident. 

Later that night Orche breaks into Zen's shop to try and uncover any secrets or tricks she may have, but his search bears nothing and he realizes she had nothing to hide and decided to leave. He suddenly hears a voice comming from a box and the voice asks him to let it out and put it on so that it can reveal all of Zen's secrets. Zen runs down to the shop hearing Orche's screams but he bursts through the window and escapes.

Character DebutEdit


  • "Adieu, Mademoiselle." -Orche to his victim
  • "Zen, this festival, will you dance with me?" -Orche's note to Zen