Heuller was a wigmaker that came to be possessed by an Ill.


Heuller was a young girl with long silver hair and large, tired eyes. Her hair hid her right eye most of the time and she wore a ragged long sleeve loose dress (possibly a nightgown of sortrs) with laced up black boots and a large dark top hat that had abstract eye motifs around it.


Heuller isat first shown bloodthirsty but as the time passed she began to feel human emotions like happiness and the pain of loss. She was also very merticulous and overprotective about her wigs, keeping them safe from harm as well as what kind of hair she wanted to use.

Golden CloverEdit

At some point before the story Heuller became possessed by an Ill. She rescued Rodin as a child froma runaway carriage and became friends. However she went to his house and after hearing his relatives plotting his death she killed them in a fit of rage. She disappeared after that and wasn't seen again til years later.

Heuller was seen again as a wigmaker killing those with beautiful hair, in the city Rodin lived as fate would have it. She found him using March but before she could approach him she was stabbed with March's Scythe of Thorns. Before dying she gave a weave of Rodin's hair in the shape of a clover to him as a gift she originally was going to give him all those years ago.


The Ill that possessed Heuller came from a wig or the hat she she wore.

Ill AbilitiesEdit

Hair Tentacles- Being the Ill of a wig/hat she was able to manipulate her hair as arms or razor sharp weapons.

Wig Making- Heuller was very skilled in creatingand styling various wigs.


  • It's hard to tell if Heuller still wore the wig that the Ill used to possess her or not considering her hair never fell off or moved adjacent of her head, except for her hat which was obviously removable.
  • It is revealed that at the end of the chapter her Ill horns were clear and white before killing Rodin's aunt and uncle, making them her first kill.
  • However it would have been Rodin if not for their blooming friendship.