Biographical Information
Occupation: Beaver


Race' Ill Animal
Age: Unknown


Daughter in Law Unnamed Grandchildren


Beaver Tail

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde Hair

Brown Fur

Eye color: Black
Character Information
First appearance: Chapter n/a

Kelpas is a supporting tritagonist in March Story.


Kelpas is a anthropomorphic beaver with a bandana wrapped around curly hair and village winter garb.


Sometime ago she was in the woods when she discovered a baby boy abandoned and she decided to adopt him as her son. This had occured after she was possessed by an Ill so that story is unknown.


She first appeared in town to find a suitable wife for her son. When she met March she kidnapped her and took her to the woods to train to be a wife. However when March and Rodin escaped thanks to Jake they met with her son and formed a plan to put a stop to her. She entered in a cooking contest against Belma to win her son back but she knew she should stop being overbearing a let him go, but ruining the food wasn't the right way to do it. She won the contest but let her son chosoe a wife on his own. Unbetknowst to her however her son had already met a girl and asked her to marry him, making her quite happy. 

Afterwords she was allowed to live by the Ciste Vihad and visits Belma's restaurant quite often, but it mostly ends up with his food getting criticized. 

She makes a appearance in a special chapter at the end of the volume when Belma had found special trouffles for a dish, but she then explained they were poisonous and caused death if not treated.

She didn't show up again until the final chapter with Belma. She introduced him to her grandcildren's nanny, Yovell , in the hopes that they would get along and he would get over his feelings for March. It worked to her surprise and she left them content.


It is unknown where and what kind of Ill possessed her but it appears to be one of the less volatile ones in the story.


Anthropomorphism- After becoming possessed the normal beaver gained the abilities of a human

Beaver Tail- 

Master Cooking- A natural skill she is a master chef and isn't afraid to show up others, especially Belma.


  • She is the only Ill to be allowed to live by the Ciste Vihad.
  • Her usual name for Belma is "Meathead".
  • She is the second person after Jake to learn of March's true gender.