Biographical Information
Occupation: Ciste Vihad
Race' Ill Human
Age: Unknown

Father- Deceased

Mother- Deceased

Raspberry/Sister- Deceased



Ill of Thorns

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Light Purple
Character Information
First appearance: Chapter 1

March is a Ciste Vihad and the main protagonist of March Story.


March has short black hair and dark violet eyes and soft features. She conceals the fact that she is female and usually wears a large white jacket with a long black hood with fur inlining with stripped pants, black socks and black buckled shoes. The bell at the end of her hood jingles whenever a Ill is close by.

Throughout the story she has worn other clothing such as suits and ball dresses but is mostly always seen in her white jacket.


March was born and raised with her sister Raspberry in the Village of Cannes. This village however was ruled by a ruthless and dark woman named Janjaghee, who made her people craft torture devices. On the lady's most recent visit March spoke against her and ended getting the entire village either killed or captured. She then found herself at the Lady's palace where the room was full of blood and dead bodies. She was traumatized and found by Jake when trying to escape. After trying to escape she was found by Janjaghee, who was disguised as Raspberry, and tried to capture her.

March, teary eyed and frightened ran back to the blood filled room and tried to hide. In the back of the room she found a old hook that spoke to her. She touched and became possessed by a dangerous Ill. The Ill then killed the lady of the palace but was cornered by Jake. To save itself it released March's soul from possession and made a deal: It will go to sleep but when a noisy heart in love starts to beat it will awaken and kill March.

Jake then took March under her wing and trained her to be a Ciste Vihad and later went under the employment of Rodin.



March's Ill was born from a spiked hook in Janjaghee's palace. The hook itself was crafted by March's parents before it was used to kill them.It is extremely bloodthristy and not afraid to kill one of its own. However it is also cowardly, escaping death by going to sleep in her body, 


March's powers are based around thorns and can be manifested as different abilities.

Inprisonment of Thorns-

Scythe of Thorns-

Thorn Roots-

Bloodsucker Thorns-

Clairvoyance- On occasion when March attacked a Ill or exorcised one she would be able to see the memories of the person or Ill and learn important facts about their past or reasons for being. Sometimes this effects her emotionally and she lashes out.


  • After March was revealed as a female in chapter 3 she is drawn more feminine in her physical features than chapters 1 & 2.
  • The Ill that possessed her was so bloodthirsty full of resent that it already showed red horns upon possessing March.