Biographical Information
Occupation: Ill
Race' Human
Age: Unknown



Blades of Blood

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: n/a
Character Information
First appearance: Chapter n/a

Nellon is a Ill and partner to Linuette in March Story.


She is a slender girl in a gothic short dress with arm blades from her shoulders to the length of her body and a bell tied around her neck. She has long blonde hair in pigtails and a black band covering her empty eye sockets and large sharp blood colored horns. Between the pair of her and Linuette she wears no shoes.


Prior to her death Nellon was a happy girl who was hopeful for a home for her and Linuette to live in.

After dying and being possessed by the Ill she remains loyal to Linuette but seems to have no emotion or personality anymore. 


Nellon and Linuette were orphans who were later adopted by the count. At first they were happy and excited for their new lives but they later learned he only wanted them as sacrifices for his cult. As tradition of the cult they cut of the eyes and arms of the girls to sacrifice to their god for health and riches. Afraid to die, the Ill of a bell possessed Nellon's body and freed Linuette from her fate. The two went on a revenge killing spree, killing all the men who were involved in the cult.


They are first seen killing a man in his carriage. Later when march and Belma are partnered up to find them, March sees them in the lake bathing but March believes Linuette is in danger and attacks Nellon with her thorns. She runs with Linuette but Nellon comes back for her and they disappear. 

Later at the count's estate they arrive at the courtyard and fight of the guards. When they approach the count March fights with Nellon, who then reveals she has no eyes. Linuette yells that it was the count who stole them from her and to attack, but as March is about attack she connects with the Ill's mind and sees the truth of the count's actions and turns on him. Belma blocks Nellon and March's crazed attacks. Belma mercifully ends Nellon's life and then punches the count.


Nellon's Ill comes from the bell that rung during the sacrifical ceremony that caused her death.

It explicitly states how it grows weary of the cries of dying children and can no longer bear it, thus taking possession of Nellon's body. It can be said that this Ill was a spirit of vengance.

Ill AbilitiesEdit

Blades of Blood- Both of Nellon's arms are morphed into full armed blades that she charges the target with without mercy. They have incredible strength and slicing power.


  • Nellon was the first Ill possessed human to be dead prior to being possessed.