Biographical Information
Occupation: Mask Maker
Race' Human
Age: Unknown



Cannon of Death

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye color: Green
Character Information
First appearance: Chapter 2

Orche is a maskmaker and a victim of an Ill.


Orche is a young man with a large smile and loose shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. 

Once possessed by the Ill he donned a extravagant outfit with a large 3-pointed hat and the mask of the Ill and cape.


Orche was a happy man who was always competing with Zen, who he secretly loved. As a mask maker he held a hidden jealousy towards Zen for her mask making skills, something the Ill fed upon to control him.

When he becomes possessed he becomes more psychotic and charming/alluring. 

As Orche the MaskedEdit

He would hunt in Longbell and those who didn't wear a mask he would dance them into the sky then drop them to their death.


His Ill was born of a masquerade mask that was hidden away at Zen's workshop by her late father, being the last mask he ever created.

It fed on Orche's jealousy of Zen and used that to make him hate her enough for him to kill her, but while still in control he ran instead, but the Ill eventually gained full control and went on a killing spree in Longbell. 

Ill AbilitiesEdit

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 3.55.00 PM
Cannon of Death-
Orche summon a large black single barrel pistol with small swirl and stag design on the barrel. With it he can shoot out a barrage of bullets at will or just a single shot.

Levitation/Flight- He has the ability to float into the air  and maintain his position or move through the air to do as he pleased and jump across buildings at a fast pace.


  • The nickname the people of Longbell gave him was The Dancer of Terror.
  • It is unknown why his mask was hidden away but it is possible that since Zen's father knew about Ill then he knew the mask was the home of one, but even knowing how it had one is a mystery.