Biographical Information
Occupation: Metalsmith
Race' Human
Age: Unknown

Father- Deceased

Mother- Deceased

March- Sister

Rodin- Brother in Law



Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Light Purple
Character Information
First appearance: Chapter 4

Raspberry was March's sister in March Story.


Raspberry was a young woman in her late teens with back length black hair and purple eyes. She wore a long sleeve white shirt and skirt with a cap. Each piece of clothing had triangle patterns on the bottom.


Raspberry was born and raised with her younger sister March in the Village of Cannes. Their parents were considered the best crafters of the village and when they died she took over the responsibility of their work. She followed Lady Janjaghee's orders without complaint, hoping for when she would be through with the village and they could craft whatever they wanted. On the lady's most recent visit however March spoke against her. Raspberry apologized and pleaded for mercy and forgiveness but the Lady accused the village of treason and ordered everyone either killed or captured. She ended up as a victim for Lady Janjaghee's bloodbath but as she hung on the hook she kept whispering March's name. Later when March tried to find her Janjaghee wore Raspberry's face as a disguise to capture her.

She made a illusionary appearance in The White Forest when March was under the spell of the Veiled Scarecrow, but she disappeared when she realized it was a trick. March has various dreams of memories with her sister throughout the story, playing a pivotal role in her motivation as a Ciste Vihad.


Being from a family of metal workers she was talented in crafting various objects such has chandeliers and metal hooks.