Biographical Information
Occupation: Nanny

Mother (temporary)

Race' Human
Age: Unknown



Magical Butterflies

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Blonde
Eye color: Dark brown
Character Information
First appearance: Chapter n/a

Yovell is a supporting character in March Story.


She is a beautiful young woman with blonde hair with curled bangs and strands with a normally white dress, vest and quarter sleeves. When she travels she wears a cape and bonnet along with a suitcase in hand.


Yovell has been a nanny for various children but at some point she grew tired and annoyed with their cries and "selfish" needs. She watched a butterfly mobile in the room and wished she it's beauty would be appreciated by someone other than toddlers. The following day she woke up pregnant but she fell into a depression and tried to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. However, she heard the voice of her unborn child and butterflies appeared and saved her. She believed her baby to have special powers and fell in love with the idea of being it's mother. The baby's magic however began to brand her as a witch and she ran from town to town, at one point meeting Rodin when trying to escape. 



Her Ill was born from a baby's butterfly mobile. It took the form a baby she became pregnant with and when it was born it disappeared in flutters of light. It can be said it just wanted to feel the warmth of a mother.


  • Butterflies- Whenever Yovell was in danger or needed help the Ill would conjure "magical" butterflies of light.